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Proudly “Made in Mississippi” custom-designed graphics for t-shirts, hoodies, caps, and more.

Union Station Corinth Miss r3.8
slugburger spread r4

Slugburger Capitol of the World!

Corinth, Mississippi’s claim to fame… The Slugburger!
The story of the Slugburger HERE.


CORINTH spread r2


Enjoying life in a small southern town…
New Corinth design debuting in Coral, Sage, and Turquoise!


HiYall spread

All Things Corinth!

Slugburgers, Hot Tamales, Pickin’ on the Square, y’all come! 


EC2 spread

Enjoy Corinth!

Two sided Corinth design also available in sweats and hoodies.



Skylark Drive-In

I’m Skylark Drive In old.
I made a nostalgic logo from an old photo of the Skylark Drive-In y’all see circulating the Facebook. I matched the letters that were painted on the structure, and then added a “Fifties” style script font for the Drive-In portion. Next I added the rectangle border and skewed it all like a marque and distressed the image to make it look worn. 😎
If they had a logo, would it look like this? If they had t-shirts printed back then, would they look like these? 🤔

briggs spread

Briggs Tobacco & Specialty

Rick saw an old black & white picture of a Briggs delivery truck circulating Facebook and suggested I make a retro t-shirt of an old Briggs delivery truck. Using Adobe Photoshop, I created this nostalgic scene as if the old used truck was sitting out in a field near Goosepond, Mississippi. 😉


roys spread

Roy’s 1 Stop!
45&72 Corinth, Miss.

I have re-created the Roy’s 1 Stop sign and put it on a t-shirt!

Who all worked 2nd shift and got their paychecks cashed there on Thursday nights and walked out with a 2-piece bag of chicken and Jojo’s for the required purchase. 😉


sip spread

Come to the Sip!

If ya know ya know. 😉


T-shirts $30

My custom designs on name-brand sweatshirts.

S-XL $30
2XL add $2

3XL add $3
4XL add $4

Raglan $35

My custom designs on name-brand “Raglan” 3/4 sleeve baseball-style shirts.

S-XL $35
2XL add $2
3XL add $4

Sweatshirts $35

My custom designs on name-brand sweatshirts.

S-XL $35
2XL add $3
3XL add $7
4XL add $8

Hoodies $40

My custom designs on name-brand hoodies.

S-XL $40
2XL add $3
3XL add $7
4XL add $8



Mississippi Proud Apparel Company is located in Glen, Mississippi, so if you’re out this way for an afternoon drive, porch pickup is available, or a meet up at your local Dollar Gentral might be arranged too. If you’ve moved away, well bless your heart, I know you miss this place, so for you, and all of our customers we’ll provide FREE shipping to anywhere in the contintental United States.


ENJOY! Your new shirt is ready to wear, our shirts do NOT have that vinegar-like smell associated with DTG shirts, no pre-treat solutions were used in the application of the design.
Care: We recommend a cold water wash and turning your shirt inside out before washing and tumble dry.



I use the latest imaging software to create worn looking designs with an old school feel, just as if they silk-screened the shirt by hand back in the day. Using a new application technique, I can now offer that same high-quality silk-screened print on a name-brand t-shirt, hoodie, or cap, on-demand, in-house, without a shop full of printing equipment.
We do not apply until you buy. 😉
As you may have noticed lately, there are a lot of faded t-shirts around, these “Direct to Garment” printed t-shirts are fading fast (pun intended), they are being washed away, literally. The other problem is they cannot print white on dark colors. Silk-screened apparel will last. A silk-screened printed design when properly applied will more than likely last longer than the shirt itself. This process combined with name-brand clothing allows my apparel to be worn and enjoyed for a very long time. I guarantee it.



    Mississippi Proud… unique vintage designs, imprinted with a long-lasting print onto a variety of name-brand apparel, I am very proud of the quality product I can provide to you at a reasonable cost.
    Jeffrey Davis – Owner/Graphic Artist